Travel Smart: 11 Top Carry On Luggage for Women

Best carry on Luggage for women in 2023

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The majority of the time, I find myself in a position where I have to fly somewhere for the weekend. Because of this, acquiring the ideal carry-on luggage is crucial.

It is a common complaint among frequent female travellers that it is difficult to fit all of their belongings into one carry-on bag.

It is not fun to go around with a hefty suitcase, and it may be a living hell to try to keep track of all of your possessions at the same time. For this reason, selecting the appropriate carry-on luggage is of the utmost significance.

After all, you want something that is roomy enough to accommodate all of your necessities without being so large that it is difficult to carry around with you.

And it goes without saying that you want something that has a nice appearance. Because there are so many choices available, it might be challenging to determine how to get started. But there’s no need to worry since we’ve got you covered.

The following is a list of the finest carry-on bags for women, and it doesn’t matter what your sense of style is or how much money you have to spend because there’s likely to be a bag on this list that meets your requirements.

The best part is that these bags will make it really easy to pack.

This compilation is sure to have something that is right up your alley, no matter what your preferences are or how much money you have to spend. Be sure to bring along one of these carry-ons whenever you travel, regardless of whether you’re going on a vacation or a business trip.

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DELSEY Paris Chatelet Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels takes the top spot (if you are looking for an affordable Carry- On Luggage bag for your next trip) because it checks so many boxes. It’s classic and, thus, very versatile.

Yet, Luxe wears enthusiasts will love the PARAVEL + NET SUSTAIN Aviator Carry-On vegan leather-trimmed recycled hardshell suitcase or GUCCI’s Savoy leather-trimmed printed coated-canvas suitcase | Net-a-Porter , for its practical appeal mixed with a more edgy aesthetic.

Check out the Carryon Luggage Sizes & Dimensions

What are the Best carry-on Luggage for women in 2023

Carry-on bags are available in a wide variety of forms, dimensions, and designs, so it should not be difficult for you to choose the one that is best suited to your needs.

In light of this, I thought I’d compile a list of the top carry-on bags for women.

Here is the list of the best designer Carry On Bags for women in 2023

DELSEY Paris Chatelet Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels – The Best Overall and Editor’s Choice

This lovely looking carry-on luggage built with attractive faux leather embellishments Lightweight and sturdy 100% polycarbonate shell that is extremely resistant to cracking or breaking
Four spinner wheels ensure a stable foundation and multi-directional rolling, while leaving you with little weight to carry in your hands for effortless travel; 20 percent more manageable than the Chatelet with Brake

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PARAVEL + NET SUSTAIN Aviator Carry-On vegan leather-trimmed recycled hardshell suitcase – the best Luxe Carry On Luggage

Paravel’s ‘Aviator’ carry-on suitcase is constructed from recycled polycarbonate that will last a long time, and it is finished with vegan leather that bears the company’s logo.

TSA-approved lock protects the interior, which is lined with 15 recycled water bottles.

GUCCI’s Savoy leather-trimmed printed coated-canvas suitcase– The best HIGH-end Carry -On Luggage for women

Gucci’s 1930s-inspired “GG Supreme” canvas is used to make the “Savoy” carry-on suitcase.

It contains two large leather-trimmed pockets and a telescopic handle. The 360° wheels and lock and key make airport travel straightforward.

Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels

There is also hardside baggage available from Samsonite. This is the perfect backpack for you if you’re the kind of traveler who likes to rough it a little bit or if you’re going somewhere more rural.

It has a case that is extremely scratch- and dent-resistant as well as wheels that are quite durable.

All of this without a significant reduction in weight When compared to the other hardside options on this list, this bag weighs far less and can be stored in the overhead compartment without any difficulty.

On the inside, there is a significant amount of organization. And the most exciting thing is… A warranty of ten years is provided by Samsonite. Cool Right!!

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American Tourister – 21″ Expandable Spinner Suitcase – Iridescent White

Utilize this American Tourister 21-inch Moonlight Spinner suitcase to transport your most important belongings.

The four spinner wheels can be turned in a variety of directions, making it easy to move the suitcase, and the top carry handle as well as the side carry handles allow you to lift the suitcase.

The locking push-button handle on this American Tourister 21-inch Moonlight Spinner suitcase gives you the ability to move your luggage with ease.

American Tourister- Disney Spinner – the best for Teen & Disney Lovers

This is so cool if you are a Disney lover..

American Tourister Disney Spinner luggage with vibrant Disney character design, durable polyester material, and smooth-rolling wheels for effortless travel. Perfect for families and Disney fans.

C-Lite Carry-On Spinner– Samsonite

This top-notch collection is manufactured in Europe, and it now has double wheels and an extended double draw handle, which together make for an even more enjoyable travelling experience.

Your trip is going to be even more enjoyable because of how incredibly lightweight it is and how exceptionally comfortable it is.

NuRoad Ladies Carry-On Spinner-[Samsonite]

The NuRoad Spinner has a cutting-edge design that will last for a long time, and it’s also environmentally friendly.

It’s ideal for the “carry on only” crowd thanks to its RFID and 3-1-1 friendly extra bags and two internal packing pockets made from Samsonite’s Recyclex® lining manufactured from 100% recycled bottles.

Chiara Ferragni logo-stripe cabin suitcase[ From Farfetch]

The logo-stripe cabin suitcase by Chiara Ferragni is the ultimate of design and functionality.

The vivid logo-stripe design is eye-catching, and the suitcase is manufactured from robust materials to assure the safety of your stuff while traveling.

The smooth-rolling wheels and ergonomic handle make it simple to manoeuvre, while the roomy interior provides adequate space for your belongings.

Whether travelling for work or pleasure, this suitcase is the ideal item for making a statement and keeping your possessions tidy.


This is a great bag! It pairs perfectly with my expandable carry-on. high-quality materials and construction, as expected. The bag is streamlined yet roomy in its zippered condition and expands significantly.

You can take the Expandable Cabin Bag with you on a short trip that lasts only one night, or you can use the bag’s two expansion zippers to stay longer if you need more space.


This International Carry-On Expandable Spinner will make getting to and from your destination a breeze, whether you’re going across town or across the world.

The CX technology integrated into this cool hardside luggage allows you to expand it for 22% more capacity, then collapse it back down to its original size, so you don’t have to choose between convenience and design.

What To Look For in the Best Carry-On Bag for Women

Airline Weight and Dimension Restrictions
What is the largest size of carry-on bag that your airline will allow? Carry-on bags typically measure 22 by 14 by 9 inches; this is the common size.

The majority of the cases that are featured here are able to fit within that size, but not all of them. Therefore, it is important to double check with the airline in question. The four largest airlines in the United States—American, Delta, and Allegiant—all agree that this is the maximum allowable size for carry-on luggage.

The truth is that the size restrictions for carry-on luggage on airlines are extremely variable, and they are subject to alter at any time.

Do not begin packing until you have confirmed that your bag will be allowed on board; otherwise, you may be required to check it into the hold. This is especially true for those who fly on overseas carriers. If you travel to other countries, the size restrictions may be very different from those in your home country.

The most important concern is whether or not it will fit into the sizer. If that’s the case, then you shouldn’t have any problems. It’s very obvious that a backpack will fit in there much more easily than a hard side case will!

You can discover additional information regarding the carry-on baggage restrictions of each airline here:

American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Allegiant Airlines, and United Airlines

Some of the most convenient carry-on bags for women already have a lock that is acceptable by the TSA installed. This prevents you from having to buy one separately and guarantees that it will fit the case without any issues.

In order to make the case more streamlined and reduce the chance of breakage, the TSA combination lock is sometimes recessed.

This is done for both of these reasons. It’s also possible for luggage to have lockable zippers on the inside or the outside.

Whether you choose the patterned carry-on bag alternatives from Betsey Johnson, the sleek Thule convertible backpack, or you don’t mind too much, the appearance of your women’s carry-on bag may truly matter to you. Alternatively, you may not care about the appearance of your bag very much.

Remembering that brightly colored luggage is easier to detect at the baggage carousel – or in a crowd – is something that might be worthwhile to keep in mind. Unique carry-on luggage does have that advantage!

Capacity of your carry-on Luggage
This is yet another major point. Do you prefer a smaller carry-on bag that you can use for a few of nights away from home or a larger carry-on luggage that you can use for longer trips?

Consider what it is that you need to pack and how it can be accommodated in the luggage that you might currently possess.

Do you require more space than what you already have, or are you able to get by with less if necessary? Even if it has a higher capacity, a suitcase still needs to be able to fit in the overhead bin, and the larger it is, the less likely it is that it will fit under the seat in front of you.


Carry-on bags with wheels make life so much easier. However, wheels are usually the first thing to break on a piece of luggage. So, while I do highly recommend grabbing some luggage with wheels, just be sure to choose a bag that’s high-quality and with a warranty. Make sure you’re covered in the event of a blowout!


Pockets can really come in handy for organizational purposes during travel. Having a nice, easy-access pocket is high-priority because it makes reaching for important items like your phone, passport, and money so much easier. Also, bags with plenty of interior organization pockets make packing so much easier. If you purchase a bag with lots of outside pockets, always make sure they’re secure. 

Type of your carry-on Luggage
Do you picture yourself carrying a robust backpack, a hard-sided spinner suitcase, or something else that falls somewhere in between these two extremes?

Carry-on luggage for women can be found in the form of a hard or soft shell spinner case, in addition to bags meant to carry apparel or to slip below the seat in front of them.

Hard side cases are more rigid overall yet have the potential to last longer.

They are also able to appear more intelligent. The flexibility of a soft-sided case comes at the expense of its ability to endure rigorous handling.


Hardside cases are great for protecting your belongings, and tend to hold up better over time. Just keep in mind that suitcases with heavy, exterior cases will weigh more than regular softside suitcases. 


Like a case, a padded suitcase goes a long way in protecting your belongings. So, consider this if you plan on bringing fragile items.

Padding also comes into play when it comes to shoulder straps.

Always opt for a bag with padded shoulder straps. Believe me when I say padded shoulder straps can make all the difference in your travel comfort. 

FAQs-Carry On Luggage for Women.

What do you consider to be the most convenient carry-on luggage for travel?
Consider purchasing a carry-on bag with a hard exterior if you anticipate that your belongings may be jammed in with those of other passengers (not just on the aircraft, but also possibly on a bus or train while you are on your trip).

These are typically the ones that can withstand abuse the best. If you will only be storing your belongings in the overhead bin of the airplane, then you can get away with using a soft-sided bag.

When it comes to carry-on luggage, you have a wide variety of options to choose from. You have the option of purchasing a backpack, a case with either a hard or soft exterior, or both.

There are also other possibilities, such as garment bags and luggage that fits under seats.

It all boils down to the size restrictions of the aircraft, the things you’re looking for, and your available budget. You will not make a mistake by selecting any of the alternatives that we have gone over in this section.

What is the maximum size of a bag that can be carried on?
Is it acceptable to use a carry-on bag if it measures 21 inches? Is a carry-on suitcase that measures 24 inches too large? If you are flying with one of the largest airlines in the United States, a carry-on bag measuring up to 22 inches in length, 14 inches in width, and 9 inches in height will be acceptable.

However, this is something you should always thoroughly check, as it is subject to change at any time.

Although some domestic and international airlines do not let carry-on bags larger than 22 inches, the standard for carry-on bags is 24 inches. It is important to keep in mind that each airline is free to establish its own boundaries; hence, there are very few guidelines to follow overall.

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Every piece of Style Item ( be it a bag, shoes, sunglasses, watches or dress this list not only makes for stylish apparel but is comfortable enough to wear.

Wrapping up Note:

One of my most favorite things to do, regardless of the time of year, is to go on vacation. Since I travel for work most of the time, I am typically required to check a bag; therefore, it is not always practical for me to travel light. Nevertheless, all of my most important pieces of technology and photography equipment?

They have to go in the carry-on luggage. I need to make sure that I am transporting my valuable work equipment in the greatest carry-on components that are available to me because those items are necessary for me to do a job.

If you choose the right carry-on bag, you will be able to bring everything you require without destroying your outfit or putting undue strain on your back.

Bringing a carry-on with you decreases the likelihood that you will lose your bags and eliminates the need to keep track of your luggage. Not what you want to be doing, especially if you’ve just arrived to a place that you’ve been looking forward to for a very long time.

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