7+ Best Travel dresses in summer for women

There are a few factors to consider while picking out the ideal outfit for traveling. Whether you’re on a 19-hour flight to Paris or a 2-hour train trip to Sydney, comfort is obviously the most important factor in your choice of attire.

Fabrics that are flowy, breathable, and light are a must.

That doesn’t give you license to ditch your sense of style in favour of a sweatshirt and yoga pants.

Dresses ideal for travel are those that meet all three criteria above while still being chic and functional.

Wear one of the red carpet outfits we’ve chosen and you’ll feel like a movie star when you get there.

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Polyester wicks moisture and acrylic keeps you toasty, so choose the one that best suits your travel plans.

Traveling with clothes that can be washed in a washing machine is a huge time saver.

When everything else has been ruled out, think about how well things fit together.

Snug options made from elastane are not only easy to move around in, but also work well when the occasion calls for more formal attire.

However, if your journey is lengthy and you want to stay at a bed and breakfast operated by a local family, a looser choice would be more appropriate.

Below are some of the most flattering and comfortable dresses for vacation.

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What are the Must Have & Best Travel dresses in summer

Sleeveless Cutout Playsuit | Nordstrom

A playsuit is your go-to piece of clothing for those more active summer days. It’s a one-piece outfit that, like a sundress, saves time in the morning.

It’s a variation of the jumpsuit style with shortened sleeves and legs. Due to this, the ensemble is perfect for the hot weather of summer.

Wear your playsuit with a pair of slide sandals in a neutral hue for a laid-back and fashionable style. Add a dramatic necklace or bracelet to amp up the glam factor for evening events.

STYLE IDEAS FOR These Playsuits

AUSELILY Women’s Long Sleeve Floral Pleated Dress| AMAZON

When you’re on the road, you’ll need pockets to store the essentials (hotel keys, cash, cell phone, etc.).

Thankfully, Auselily designed a dress that is not only elegant and comfortable, but also has incredibly handy pockets. A huge phone might fit in either of the two on either side.

The lightweight cloth has the comfort of pyjamas but the modern cut is perfect for a night on the town.

More than thirty-three colour and design combinations are available. Its softness, stretchiness, and comfort make this garment a standout.

It’s important to remember that it can only be washed by hand yet dries rapidly.

At the time of publication, the cost is $34.

The fabric is rayon and spandex, and the available sizes range from extra-small to extra-extra-large.

Buy from Amazon

Modern Kiwi® Women’s Plus Size Short Sleeve Flowy Dress | Amazon

Sundress and Strappy Heels

There is no better piece of clothing to have in your summer wardrobe than a sundress. It’s a complete outfit for when you don’t feel like putting any thought into your appearance.

You can just toss one on and go. Choose a cotton or linen dress from Son de Flor, or another dress composed of a soft and airy fabric.

No matter how short or long your skirt is, you’ll be able to wear this and feel great.

You can find a dress to wear in the sun in every colour or pattern you can imagine. Dresses with frills, open shoulders, and low necklines are ideal for creating a soft, feminine image.

Select either a garment with bold prints or a piece with solid colours.

A white sundress is an easy, versatile choice that will always have you looking fresh and carefree.

If you want to stay warm in the evenings during the summer, wear a shawl, cardigan, or denim jacket over your dress.

Wearing a belted blazer is another option for achieving a more put-together look.

You need a pair of strappy shoes to finish off the look.

Go for ankle-strap high heels, a shoe closet essential this season. They are wonderful for summer since they allow you to display your new pedicure.

STYLE IDEAS FOR These Sundresses

Ace Racerback Midi Dress By Sweaty Betty| NORDSTROM

Among those in the know about sports wear, Sweaty Betty is the brand of choice.

You may rest assured that any clothing they produce will be functional when you’re on the go.

This midi-length, round-neck dress is constructed of an extremely light fabric that won’t weigh you down while you race through the airport or discover a new city.

On the other hand, the high-low hem allows for greater freedom of movement.

Although it has the advantages of gym attire, the dress can be worn in a number of other contexts as well.

It comes in a basic black shade, making it simple to match with your favourite sneakers, shoes, or sandals for a chic look.

As of this writing, the price for the black version is $118.

Fabricated from polyamide and elastane; XXS to XXL sizing

Buy from Nordstrom

The versatility of denim shorts makes them a summer staple. They’re as versatile as your favourite pair of jeans and go with practically everything.

These shorts paired with a button-down shirt will give you a stylish, contemporary style. Put on a shirt that is one size larger than you normally would so that you can tie a knot at the bottom.

Complete the getup with a pair of sneakers, and we suggest Nike’s new Air 1 for the summer. The outfit’s adaptability is its greatest strength.

Swap out your sneakers for some heeled sandals or boots if you’re looking to amp up your style.

The classic crew neck and A-line silhouette of this loose-fitting dress make it appropriate for dressier occasions.

The silky rayon fabric has the feel of a t-shirt, so you won’t have to choose between the two.

You may dress it up for the fall by adding a jacket, or you can wear it casually in the warmer months. Did we also not mention the convenient pockets?

You can use them to store your jewellery, toiletries, and other small items.

At the time of publication, the price is $33.

Sizes range from 1X to 5X and are made from a rayon blend.

Buy from Amazon

Taylor Hooded Sweater Dress | NORDSTROM

Strike a perfect balance between casual and sophisticated with this hooded sweater-dress complete with a kangaroo pocket.


STYLE IDEAS FOR These Sweater dress

Mini Leather bag | Nordstrom
Air NIKE | Nordstrom

MakeMeChic Women’s Boho Maxi Short Sleeve Split Pockets Tie Dye Long Dress | AMAZON

Traveling is a great opportunity to wear your trusty maxi dress. They provide a lot of coverage without sacrificing comfort.

The bohemian-style maxi dress by MakeMeChic is constructed from a soft and elastic fabric and has a v-neck, short, loose sleeves, and two pockets on the side.

To keep warm, throw on a denim jacket or cardigan, and finish off the look with a belt.

More than forty-two distinct designs are available, from a rainbow colour scheme to a solid grey, so you may pick the one that best reflects your character.

Retailing for $29 as of this writing.

Sizes XS to XL | Material: Rayon and Spandex

BUY on Amazon

Ditsy Dot Tiered Ruffle Woven Sundress | NORDSTROM

Both Cynthia Steffe and her sister label, CeCe, design and sell modern clothing that exudes a sense of delicacy, refinement, and a dash of whimsicality.

Their labels describe a wide range of dresses, from shifts to body-cons, shirtdresses to midis, all of which feature on-trend features and high-quality, form-flattering fabrics and can be worn everywhere from high tea to an elegant supper.


Style Ideas with this Dress

Summer Travel Dresses & Playsuits

Selecting items that are both stylish and functional is the key to a winning summer wardrobe. Keep in mind that you can never go wrong with a wardrobe heavy on short cuts, flowy fabrics, and bold colours.

If you wear any of the aforementioned ensembles, you’ll look like a summer goddess no matter where you go.

Now that you have your summer wardrobe sorted, go over to Wander for recommendations on where to go and what to do this season.

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