Smart and Must have Essentials in Your Carry on Bag for Long Haul Flights

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Smart and Must have essentials for your carry on bag for Long Haul Flights

Recently we had  20 days Trip to Paris and Venice from Australia. So, You can Imagine how long the flight journey would have been.. WE have a Braek of 3 hrs in Abu-dhabi Airport and the whole Floght Journey for around 22 Hrs…

WEll, I love shopping for the travel, I did a Bit of window shopping on what to pack for the travel…

If you have ever searched for “what to pack in your carry-on bag for long Floghts,” you will find a plethora of options, some of which include printable packing lists, on the first page of your search results. 

We’ve discovered that several of the Items on these Printable lists appear to be excellent, but aren’t actually required.You really dont need to pack so many things on your carry-on bag.

Examples include products such as the carry-on cocktail kit and hefty tour guide books, which appear to be fantastic, but with airlines being more strict about carry-on space and even weight these days, it’s a good idea to only take items that are useful on your flight journey and not just a novelty.

Manny & I each of us carry  separate bags so does our daughter ( 11yo) . Our  carry-on bags contain a lot of goods that are identical to one another, but we also have items that the other does not have.  

I love this Samsonite SJP bag… here is the link if you want to purchase it. My Hubby loves this Samsonite Bag for all his Inflight needs..

My daughter carries a small Cute Tween backpack that can take all her Inflight needs.

We decided to divide down our stuff into two lists, the first of which contains the basics and personal Items that I get , and the second of which contains items my hubby gets in his carry on bag

Last section contains what Out 11 Yo daughter gets in her Carry on bag.

Its not a complicated list, as we like to Fly a bit lighter ... HoweverWe carry every essentials we need on the flight, as we live in Australia any Journey to Europe and Americas will be a Long haul Flight Journey…

10 carry-on bag essentials you must have – Travel Essentials

The fact is that Amazon is my go-to place to buy pretty much everything, I would recommend buying there for the following items: presents for Teen Gifts, book enthusiasts, vacation gifts, and so much more.

Amazon has everything you need for various types of Travels ( vacations) from a long weekend escape to Disney, Paris, child-free travel, and even travel throughout Europe.

Especially if you’re a busy  traveler like me, one of the most convenient aspects is that you don’t have to worry about acquiring items in time, thanks to Amazon’s Prime service.

What are the necessities that I can bring on a plane?

Take portable chargers, Moisturizing skincare products, a Headphone, Portable Charger and other travel needs on an aircraft as long as they fit into your carry-on bag and are Authorized by the Transportation Security Administration.

One of the most important objectives, particularly on a long overseas flight, is to ensure that you are comfortable (I mean as comfortable as you can be inside an airplane).

Things that can perform several functions, particularly when it comes to your aesthetic travel needs, are ideal for this type of travel.

It took me years and a lot of searching to find a suitable tote bag/shoulder bag that could hold everything (including my laptop), had a cross body strap, and was attractive enough to use as a large purse as well as a business bag for travel. 

I couldn’t locate exactly what I was looking for, so I settled for a Lacoste Tote bag I purchased at Amazon. It was wonderful for my vacation to Paris, which I recently returned from. You either use a Tote bag or a backpack… But, I live Tote bags and find them trendy for a Flight Journey .This Kroser TSA Friendly backpack is quite a Good deal…

It’s the Lacoste Tote if you’re interested. It’s a bit pricey, but it fit everything and was comfortable to wear using just the shoulder straps.

What’s On my carry on bag

Laptop with power adapter

Most long-distance flights have entertainment, but we find that it is often insufficient for our needs and desires. 

We can generally locate a movie or two that we enjoy, but having our own entertainment downloaded (before of time) makes the time go by more quickly and efficiently. 

On our flights, we prefer to do some work as well, such as editing images or films. 

My Hubby & I ,We both have a 15-inch laptop( macbooks), and fortunately, our Duffel bag can accommodate both of our gadgets.

[lasso ref=”carry-on-backpack-for-women-travel-backpack-pink-laptop-backpack-waterproof-hiking-outdoor-sport-rucksack-casual-daypack-backpacks-college-large-school-backpack-with-shoe-compartment” id=”153162″ link_id=”149188″][lasso ref=”mens-messenger-bag-15-6-inch-waterproof-vintage-genuine-leather-waxed-canvas-briefcase-large-satchel-shoulder-bag-rugged-leather-computer-laptop-bag-brown” id=”153166″ link_id=”149189″]


Without exception, unless you are travelling in first or business class, you will be provided with those cheap, unpleasant headphones that keep slipping out of your ears. 

The fact that they don’t fit well means that you have to turn up the volume to drown out the cabin noise. 

To ensure a hassle-free listening experience, it’s advisable to bring your own set of headphones with you. Manny keeps his Airpods in a nice case that he keeps linked to his Bandolier smartphone case most of the time. In some trips Manny gets is BOSE Headphone if he is need of Noice cancellation.

My daughter always carries her Beats headphones with her. Because the Beats headphones take up a significant amount of space, she only carries them when she has the necessary extra space.

[lasso ref=”beats-studio3-wireless-noise-cancelling-over-ear-headphones-apple-w1-headphone-chip-class-1-bluetooth-22-hours-of-listening-time-built-in-microphone-red-latest-model” id=”151875″ link_id=”149190″][lasso ref=”apple-airpods-with-charging-case-2nd-generation” id=”151555″ link_id=”149191″]

Charger( Portable)

When our phone battery reaches the red zone, we are not 

happy, thus having a portable charger is an absolute essential for us. When we travel, our phones’ batteries tend to drain more quickly, so we always carry a portable charger with us to keep them charged. 

With an Away suitcase, you may take the portable battery from the luggage and place it in your carry-on bag, which is precisely what we do in this situation.

[lasso ref=”wireless-portable-charger-30800mah-15w-wireless-charging-25w-pd-qc4-0-fast-charging-smart-led-display-usb-c-power-bank-4-output-2-input-external-battery-pack-compatible-with-iphone-samsung-ipad” id=”151876″ link_id=”149192″][lasso ref=”thetravelpockets” id=”151877″ link_id=”149193″]

Snacks( Healthy Ones like the nuts )

Always pack nutritious snacks in case your journey is delayed or the in-flight meal isn’t to your liking. We normally prepare our own trail mix, but occasionally buy pre-packaged snacks like granola bars. They are really useful if you are hungry on a flight.

[lasso ref=”jack-links-beef-jerky-bars-original-7g-of-protein-and-80-calories-per-protein-bar-made-with-premium-beef-no-added-msg-keto-friendly-and-gluten-free-snacks-pack-of-12″ id=”153170″ link_id=”149194″]


The last thing you want to do when you need your medicines is look for a pharmacy. 

I have allergy issues and Asthma . I need all my medication handy while I’m travelling. 

Also, find out what prescriptions are widely available where you’re going. 

On our vacation to Paris, we discovered that Ventroline was not available over-the-counter and required a prescription. 

We’ve learnt to keep it in mind. Cold medicine is very hard to come by in Iceland, so have it handy.


A book on flight is a must for me…I read a Lot during flight journey as it helps me clear my mind and as well I learn some thing…

[lasso ref=”how-to-build-an-online-business-australias-top-digital-disruptors-reveal-their-secrets-for-launching-and-growing-an-online-business” id=”151881″ link_id=”149195″][lasso ref=”starting-from-zero-how-to-build-an-online-business-when-youre-starting-with-nothing” id=”151882″ link_id=”149196″]

Clear Bag with Carry-On Approval

My previous solution had been to use an old-fashioned Ziploc bag, but after one of them became shredded due to becoming stuck inside a zipper, I thought it was time to make the investment in a proper transparent plastic bag. 

As a result of reading multiple Amazon reviews, I decided to purchase this highly rated TSA-Approved Bag. 

It’s actually rather large and contains far more than the Ziploc bag I was previously using. 

The zipper is strong, and I like that the bag makes it evident that it has been TSA-approved.

Portable Travel  Mirror

When I get at my location, I prefer to refresh up at my seat with an illuminated travel mirror. 

So I don’t block the lavatory for those in need. The ring light is also useful when the cabin lights are dim.

Portable Travel Mirror

[lasso ref=”rechargeable-travel-makeup-vanity-mirror-with-3-colors-lighting-lighted-makeup-mirror-with-72-led-lights-and-touch-screen-dimming-portable-compact-mirror-for-makeuprose-gold” id=”153115″ link_id=”149197″][lasso ref=”deweisn-folding-travel-mirror-lighted-makeup-mirror-with-72-leds-3-colors-light-modes-usb-rechargable-portable-ultra-thin-compactvanity-mirror-with-touch-screen-dimming-for-cosmetic-pink” id=”153116″ link_id=”149198″]

Travel Wallet

Because you’ll likely be bringing along more than your everyday wallet can hold — multiple kinds of currencies, tickets, hotel key cards, et cetera — it’s extra important to stay organized. If nothing else, you’ll at least want a passport cover to keep your most important travel document safe from harm.

I despise having to dig through my enormous suitcase for carry-on things when I’m in an airport. You’re constantly needing to get money or your ID out, and I want to keep my phone, gum, and Chapstick close by on the plane. 

While I’m at my destination, I frequently go out in the evenings, and I’m always worried about losing something crucial if I don’t swap wallets to a pretty clutch each night (like a credit card). 

A wallet clutch cross body purse solves the problem! I keep this with me throughout the airport (it doesn’t count as a carry-on because I keep it on my person the entire time). 

It’s not unpleasant, and my belongings are always within reach. 

The straps also detach, allowing me to use it as a wallet or clutch when on vacation. 

These can be found in a variety of stores (including Target) or on Amazon.

[lasso ref=”zoppen-rfid-passport-holder-travel-wallet-family-documents-organizer-travel-accessories-for-6-passport-01-black” id=”151886″ link_id=”149199″][lasso ref=”vanfn-rfid-travel-passport-wallet-family-passport-holder-trip-document-organizer-p-travel-series-nylon-grey” id=”151887″ link_id=”149200″]

Extra Clothes

I’ve never experienced lost or delayed luggage when travelling abroad, but manny did in Vienna. he  had forgotten to bring additional clothing in his carry-on and was thinking such a foolish mistake.

I usually bring an additional set of clothing. Get  travel garments that are lightweight, elegant, and wrinkle-free.

This is for our family, all 3 of us bring Extra Cloths while Travelling.

Travel snacks

Whenever I travel, I ALWAYS bring food with me. I usually just buy water when I get through security, but if you prefer to bring your own bottle, you are welcome to do so as long as it is completely devoid of liquids. 

After passing through security, several airports now provide water filling stations.

No matter how lengthy or early my flight is, I always bring a bag of food and chewing gum with me. 

Packing protein snacks such as granola bars and almonds or little packs of peanut butter, along with an apple or banana, is something I try to do. I also tend to purchase food at airports because I require three meals each day. 

Not only that, but there have been numerous occasions when I’ve rushed through airports in order to catch my connection and haven’t had time to purchase food. 

This way, I’m protected and won’t have to resort to purchasing a $15 bag of M&Ms on the plane because I’m starving.

Scarf ( Blanket Scarf)

This is a Lifesaver… sometimes the temperature inside flight too low and the Blanket that airlines give is not  ok to snuggle up..

So,On a long flight, snuggle up with your own blanket scarf. If you’re flying to a cold destination, you can use it as a wrap or blanket while in the plane, but you can also wear it once you land.

[lasso ref=”55×55-oversized-square-warm-blanket-scarf-for-women-plaid-tassel-tartan-wrap-shawl” id=”151888″ link_id=”149201″][lasso ref=”yanekop-womens-big-blanket-scarf-soft-warm-tartan-plaid-scarf-shawl-fashion-wrapgreen” id=”151889″ link_id=”149202″]

Coin Bags

We always bring coins with us when we travel (especially in Asia and parts of Europe). We Americans are so used to using our credit cards everywhere, but not everything.

With a coin purse, you won’t be that person at the register searching through your pockets to find different currencies.

[lasso ref=”sherpani-osaka-small-crossbody-bag-with-coin-purse-crossbody-purse-small-shoulder-bag-cross-body-bag-purses-for-women-sunflower” id=”153121″ link_id=”149203″][lasso ref=”travelambo-leather-squeeze-coin-purse-pouch-change-holder-for-men-women-access-green-light-up” id=”153125″ link_id=”149204″]

Personal Items

In my carry-on, you’ll notice that I have a variety of makeup bags to choose from. The reason for this is that the purse I use is really enormous and cavernous, and I want to be able to locate everything quickly. 

I have two different clear pouches( TSA Approved) for assorted make-up goods (lip gloss, lip liner, bobby pins, hair ties, and so on) and for feminine supplies (tampons, underwear, etc). 

There is nothing more frustrating than being on a flight and discovering you require female product but do not have any on hand. 

These are unquestionably must-haves for your travel bag. Make sure you have some on you at all times!

[lasso ref=”2-pcs-transparent-makeup-bag-zipper-waterproof-portable-travel-storage-pouch-a” id=”153146″ link_id=”149205″]

Whats on My Hubby’s carry On bag

Hard Drive & Case

We travel with a lot of images and videos, therefore a portable hard drive is essential. 

We have to back up all of our files and don’t have enough space on our  laptop Or iPad to do so. It’s ideal because it’s little and doesn’t take up much room in my suitcase. 

It’s also small and speedy. I also safeguard the hard disc with a case..

[lasso ref=”seagate-barracuda-2tb-internal-hard-drive-hdd-3-5-inch-sata-6gb-s-7200-rpm-256mb-cache-3-5-inch-frustration-free-packaging-st2000dm008-st2000dmz08″ id=”153147″ link_id=”149206″][lasso ref=”lacdo-hard-drive-carrying-case-for-seagate-portable-expansion-seagate-one-touch-seagate-backup-plus-slim-portable-external-hard-drive-1tb-2tb-4tb-5tb-usb-3-0-2-5-inch-hdd-shockproof-travel-bag-blue” id=”153152″ link_id=”149207″]


Manny prioritises cameras when we travel, so I always have them in my carry-on. We’re reluctant to put them in my bigger check-in luggage due to theft reports. 

The GoPro fits in the side pocket, saving space in the backpack.

[lasso ref=”canon-powershot-g9-x-mark-ii-compact-digital-camera-w-1-inch-sensor-and-3inch-lcd-wi-fi-nfc-bluetooth-enabled-silver” id=”151890″ link_id=”149208″][lasso ref=”panasonic-lumix-fz2500-4k-point-and-shoot-camera-20x-leica-dc-vario-elmarit-f2-8-4-5-lens-21-1-megapixels-1-inch-high-sensitivity-sensor-422-10-bit-hdmi-out-dmc-fz2500-usa-black” id=”151891″ link_id=”149209″][lasso ref=”tamron-28-75mm-f-2-8-di-iii-vxd-g2-lens-for-sony-e-mount-with-altura-photo-advanced-accessory-and-travel-bundle” id=”151892″ link_id=”149210″]

Vax Cards

It is likely that if you possess an Apple watch, you are already aware that the battery life is not very lengthy. I discovered this portable Apple watch charger on Amazon, and now I can charge my watch without having to use any wires at all.

[lasso ref=”cdc-vaccine-card-holder-4×3-vaccine-card-protector-cdc-vaccination-card-holder-with-2-card-slot-pu-leather-vaccination-card-protector-to-protect-your-vaccine-certificate-black” id=”153129″ link_id=”149211″]

Charge your Apple Watch on the go!

It is likely that if you possess an Apple watch, you are already aware that the battery life is not very lengthy. I discovered this portable Apple watch charger on Amazon, and now I can charge my watch without having to use any wires at all.

[lasso ref=”updated-2022-version-magnetic-charger-for-apple-watch-portable-iwatch-usb-wireless-cable-charger-travel-cordless-charger-with-light-weight-quick-charge-for-apple-watch-series-se7-6-5-4-3-2-1grey” id=”151895″ link_id=”149212″][lasso ref=”zechin-5-in-1-wireless-charger-with-apple-mfi-certification-apple-charging-station-for-iphone-11-12-13propro-maxmini-apple-watch-airpods2-pro-wireless-charging-station-support-fast-charging” id=”151896″ link_id=”149213″]

Camera Wrap for Protection

I used to travel with a bag that was specifically built for carrying cameras, but I switched to the Pacsafe Anti-theft Backpack a couple of years ago since it was more secure. 

I still wanted something to offer my cameras and lenses a little additional protection, so I looked on Amazon and discovered these fantastic protective coverings. They are quite effective and have kept my photographic equipment protected.

[lasso ref=”domke-f-34l-19-inch-protective-wrap-red” id=”151898″ link_id=”149214″][lasso ref=”pacsafe-venturesafe-g3-25-liter-anti-theft-travel-backpack-daypack-fits-15-laptop-goji-berry” id=”151899″ link_id=”149215″]

5 packs Vaccination cards set

[lasso ref=”acdream-vaccine-card-holder-pu-leather-4×3-cdc-vaccination-immunization-record-protector-wallet-waterproof-vax-certificate-clear-sleeve-protective-case-with-credit-cards-slots-glitter-rose” id=”153131″ link_id=”149216″][lasso ref=”5-pack-vaccine-card-protector-waterproof-%e2%94%82-vaccination-card-holder-%e2%94%82-cdc-vaccine-card-holder-%e2%94%82-vaccination-card-protector-%e2%94%82-4×3-card-protector” id=”153136″ link_id=”149217″]


My daughter loves this backpack from Amazon, its not overly kiddy but suitable for a Tween , to travel with a bag that was specifically built for carrying iPad, IPhone , her Beats head phone and her books and a diary/Journal. She too reads books and does a Lot of Drawings on her iPad.

[lasso ref=”asge-backpack-for-girls-kids-schoolbag-children-bookbag-women-casual-daypack” id=”151900″ link_id=”149218″][lasso ref=”lusso-gear-kids-travel-tray-with-dry-erase-board-road-trip-essentials-kids-no-drop-tablet-holder-lap-desk-cup-holder-toddler-toy-storage-fits-airplane-and-booster-seat-black” id=”153194″ link_id=”149219″][lasso ref=”jasminestar-rolling-backpack-18-inch-wheeled-kids-backpack-with-lunch-bag-and-pencil-case-for-boys-and-girls” id=”151901″ link_id=”149220″]

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